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For SD Memory Card SCDA Series


Part number SCDA9A0400

Applicable media SD Memory Card
Media ejection structure Push-push type
Mounting type Surface mounting type
Mounting style Standard mount
Features Inner tail, Card eject stroke 5mm
Stand-off 0mm
Minimum order unit (pcs.) 400

Operating temperature range -25℃ to +60℃
Voltage proof 100V AC 1 minute
Insulation resistance (Initial) 1,000MΩ min.
Contact resistance (Initial) Connector contacts 100mΩ max.
Detection Switch 500mΩ max.
Insertion and removal cycle 10,000 cycles

Certificate of Compliance to RoHS regulations  


Connector for Memory Card


Connector for Memory Card

Mounting Dimensions

Connector for Memory Card

Viewed from mounting face side.

Packing Specifications


Number of packages (pcs.) 1 reel 400
1 case / Japan 800
1 case / export packing 1,600
Tape width (mm) 44
Export package measurements (mm) 403×403×249

Soldering Conditions

Example of Reflow Soldering Condition (Reference)
1. Heating method
Double heating method with infrared heater.
2. Temperature measurement
Thermocouple 0.1 to 0.2 Φ CA (K) or CC (T) at soldering portion.
3. Temperature profile.

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