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50mm Size Metal Shaft High-quality-audio Type RK501 Series


Part number RK50114A0001

Number of resistor elements Quad-unit
Mounting direction Horizontal type
Fixing method of bushing Screw
Shaft types Slotted
Length of the shaft 30mm
Center detent Without
Total resistance 50kΩ
Resistance taper 15A

Operating temperature range -10℃ to +70℃
Electrical Performance Total resistance tolerance ±20%
Rated power 0.1W
Maximum operating voltage 150V AC
Maximum attenuation 120dB min.
Gang error -100dB to 0dB 3dB max.
Insulation resistance 100MΩ min. 500V DC
Voltage proof 500V AC for 1 minute
Mechanical Performance Total rotational angle 300±3°
Rotational torque 32±15mN・m
Stopper strength 1.5N·m
Push-pull strength 150N max.
Vibration 10 to 55 to 10Hz/min., the amplitude is 1.5mm for all the frequencies, in the 3 direction of X, Y and Z and for 2 hours respectively
Durability Operating life 15,000 cycles

Minimum order unit (pcs.) Japan 1
Export 1

Certificate of Compliance to RoHS regulations  


Rotary Potentiometer


Rotary Potentiometer

Soldering Conditions

Reference for Dip Soldering
PreheatingSoldering surface temperature120±10℃ max.
Heating time2 min. max.
Dip solderingSoldering temperature260℃±5℃ max.
Soldering time5±1s
No. of solders2 time

Reference for Hand Soldering
Tip temperature350±10℃
Soldering time5(+1, 0)s
No. of solders1 time

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