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Long-travel Type with High Operation Force (Snap-in) SKPF Series


Part number SKPFAAA010

Type Snap-in
Operating force 3.92N
Operating direction Top push
Travel 1.75mm
Operating life
(5mA 5V DC)
100,000 cycles
Initial contact resistance 1kΩ max.

Series type Soft feeling type
Operating temperature range -40℃ to +90℃
Rating (max.) 5mA 12V DC
Rating (min.) 10µA 1V DC
Electrical performance Insulation resistance 100MΩmin. 100V DC for 1min.
Voltage proof 250V AC for 1 min.
Durability Vibration 10 to 55 to 10Hz/min., the amplitude is 1.5mm for all the frequencies, in the 3 direction of X, Y and Z for 2 hours respectively
Environmental performance Cold -40±2℃ for 96h
Dry heat 90±2℃ for 96h
Damp heat 60±2℃, 90 to 95%RH for 96h

Minimum order unit (pcs.) Japan 1,000
Export 1,000

Certificate of Compliance to RoHS regulations  


Snap-in Type TACT Switch(TM)

Mounting Hole Dimensions

Snap-in Type TACT Switch(TM)

Viewed from mounting face.

Circuit Diagram

Snap-in Type TACT Switch(TM)

Packing Specifications

Number of packages (pcs.) 1 case / Japan 4,000
1 case / export packing 12,000
Export package measurements (mm) 309×476×347

Soldering Conditions

Conditions for Auto-dip
Flux built-upMounting surface should not be exposed to flux
Preheating temperatureAmbient temperature of the soldered surface of PC board.
100℃ max.
Preheating time60s max.
Soldering temperature260℃ max.
Duration of immersion5s max.
Number of soldering2 times max.

Manual Soldering
Soldering temperature350℃ max.
Duration of soldering3s max.
Capacity of soldering iron60W max.

1. Consult with us for availability of TACT switch™ washing.
2. Prevent flux penetration from the top side of the TACT switch™.
3. Switch terminals and a PC board should not be coated with flux prior to soldering.
4. The second soldering should be done after the switch returns to normal temperature.
5. Use the flux with a specific gravity of at least 0.81.
(EC-19s-8 by TAMURA Corporation, or their equivalents.)
Notes are common to this series/models.
  • This site catalog shows only outline specifications. When using the products, please obtain formal specifications for supply.
  • Please use 1.6mm thick PC boards.
  • Please place purchase orders per minimum order unit (integer).
  • This products can be used in vehicles.
    Although these products are designed to perform over a wide operating temperature range, please ensure that you receive and read the formal delivery specifications before use.