CSR Management


CSR Activity Promotion and Structure

CSR Activity Promotion Structure

 CSR activity of the Alps Electric Group is carried out proactively by individual departments. The Corporate Planning Office is responsible for summarizing the results of departmental activities and outstanding themes and reporting every quarter to the Board of Directors.

 The Alps Electric Group advances CSR activity according to mid-term plans established every three years. The 4th CSR Mid-Term Plan (FY2016 – 2018) is currently in effect and departments involved in activities addressing CSR issues are advancing initiatives toward achieving individual mid-term targets.

Alps Electric Group 4th CSR Mid-Term Plan

Alps Electric Group 4th CSR Mid-Term Plan

FY2016 Review

Overview ・Results of third-party ESG evaluations were shared internally. Third-party evaluations were
 examined and a start was made on reviewing measures and preparing to disclose
 information to gain a better evaluation score.
・An ESG investment study session, led by an outside lecturer, was held for directors and
 related personnel.
Environment ・Targets were met for global warming countermeasures at business facilities; effective
 utilization of resources in design and manufacturing (material yield, material straight pass
 rate); water usage; and sales promotion of environmentally friendly products. However,
 we lagged behind targets for global warming countermeasures in logistics and reduction
 of total waste emissions.
・A biodiversity survey was conducted at Alps Electric Headquarters (Ota-ku, Tokyo).
Society ・In Japan, we put in place policies and regulations conforming to external standards,
 including the Code of Conduct laid down by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition
 (EICC). In order foster CSR awareness at overseas affiliates, CSR training was provided
 to CSR leaders at overseas bases.
・A survey of CSR procurement approaches at other companies was launched as part
 of deliberation on ways to strengthen CSR procurement at Alps Electric in line with laws
 and policies and standards of external organizations.
Governance ・Alps Electric made the transition to a “company with an audit and supervisory committee”
 and responded to introduction of the Corporate Governance Code according to plan
 with relevant departments at Alps Electric liaising with Alpine Electronics and Alps
・In regard to risk management, work began with committees undertaking tasks like
 preparing risk maps. However, reorganization of crisis management manuals remained
 unfinished and has been made a measure for fiscal 2017.