• True freedom expressed in operating feel Alps Electric has been producing input devices ever since its founding. We adapt to the times, developing ever smaller, thinner products and responding to needs for greater integration and multifunctionality. Maintaining elevated standards for operating feel, Alps Electric constantly pursues creation of the ”right” products.

  • Accurate detection of the smallest changes Alps Electric harnesses original materials and process technologies and software to create some of the finest sensing devices. We supply compact, high-sensitivity environmental sensing devices for the constantly evolving smart mobile domain, and compact current sensors compatible with large voltages for automobiles. Our ongoing development of environmentally friendly ”green” devices contributes to the growth of smart societies via xEMS and industrial equipment.

  • Reliable communication made simple We supply compact memory card connectors based on precision processing technology, and data communication modules making extensive use of RF technology and software for Bluetooth®, wireless LAN and LTE, as well as other standards. Alps Electric continues to support easy, reliable access to diverse information with ”unique” product varieties, including products combined with input devices and sensors.

  • Environmentally-conscious parts to help create a low carbon society. We build our green devices from environmentally-friendly parts, and they are used in offices, homes, automobiles, and many other places. We continue to develop a range of products including inductors that use Liqualloy™ (our original magnetic material) and ground-breaking small and light current sensors of all types. Our products promote optimization and visualization in order to use energy in a smarter and more clever way, helping to realize a low carbon society.

Alps Electric combines knowledge cultivated over many years with independently developed technology to co-create new value that will have a significant effect on people's lives and how society functions. What do we need? And what should be done to meet these needs?  Alps Electric continues to think from the perspective of its customers and society at large, and to offer the new value we require. Parts combine the functionality, performance, and quality of the product itself at a high level, and shine brilliantly with new value.  Alps Electric continues to pursue the development of attractive electronic components.