Power Inductor (Chip Type) GLW Series

Power Inductor

Supports high withstand voltage and high reliability

  • High efficiency, high withstand voltage and high reliability suitable for LCD backlight applications
  • Adopted proprietary low core loss material Liqualloy™ with excellent magnetic properties
  • Metal composite structure (compact and high current capability)
  • The electrode located on the bottom
  • For use in DC/DC converter in portable device (Smartphone , Tablet PC etc.)
Product Line
Part number Inductance
at 1MHz
(μH) ±20%
DCR (mΩ)
ACR (mΩ) typ.
at 1MHz
Saturation current
Idc1 (A) max.(Typ.)
Heat rating current
Idc2 (A) max. (Typ.)
Data sheet
GLWLK2R201A 2.2 2.5×2.0×1.0mm 190 150 1.9 1.2  
GLWLK4R701A 4.7 396 230 1.2 0.8
(※1)ACR = Rs - DCR (Rs: equivalent series resistance)
(※2)The saturation current (Idc1) is the DC value (at 20°C) when DC superposition causes inductance to decrease to within 30%.
(※3)The heat rating current (Idc2) is the DC current value (at 20°C) when temperature rise reaches 40°C.