Touch Input Devices

Touch input devices are now indispensable for mobile devices, game consoles and portable audio-visual equipment. Alps continues to develop products that extend the possibilities of touch input to a wider spectrum of applications, including automotive products, healthcare and medical equipment, and industrial applications. Capacitive devices are one example. Alps provides a wide variety of thin and lightweight capacitive touch input devices with excellent layout flexibility that contribute to set design improvements. Comfortable, reliable and flexible operation is possible by touching lightly with a fingertip. Resistive touch panels are also included in the line-up, achieving both high transmittance and high image quality with low optical interference using proprietary thick film process and optical technologies. The best product can be chosen from the line-up according to the need.

Capacitive Touch Panels

Capacitive Touch Panels

Uses film sensor suited to lightweight and thinner profile. Narrow frame provides larger effective view area.

Resistive Touch Panels

The touch panel, with the use of a unique Newton Ring countermeasure, reduces glare, while molded plastic provides flexibility of shape.


Accurate operability that supports easy input for laptops.


High performance coordinate detection allows for seamless operation via set packages and key mats.

Touchmotion™ Sensor

Owing to the capacitance technology, switch signal input can be made with just the touch of a finger. No drive components are used, resulting in high reliability.


※ This product is custom made to order. Please contact an Alps sales representative for details.