45mm Size LED Illuminated Type RK45B/RK45C Series

Ring Type Potentiometer

The LED illuminated ring potentiometer is best suited for knob design of various set devices

  •  Automobile
Product Line
Part number Total resistance Resistance taper Number of positions Total rotational angle Detent torque LED 3D CAD
RK45B1A00001 5kΩ B 8 180°±5°
(270° max.)
55±20mN·m Red  
RK45B1A00002 5kΩ B 17 180°±5°
(270° max.)
40±16mN·m Red  
RK45C1A00003 5kΩ B 17 220°±5°
(290° max.)
40±16mN·m Red  
Notes are common to this series/models.
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