20mm Size Metal Shaft Type RK203 Series

Rotary Potentiometer

Heavy rotation torque and good operational feel.

  •  Automobile
Product Line
Part number Number of resistor elements Mounting direction Fixing method of bushing Shaft types Length of the shaft Detent torque Number of positions Rotational angle Total resistance Resistance taper 3D CAD
RK203111000V Single-unit Vertical type Screw Flat 30mm 40±20mN·m 17 220° 10kΩ 1B  
RK203111001A Single-unit Vertical type Screw Flat 30mm 40±20mN·m 5 180° 10kΩ 1B  
RK203111001B Single-unit Vertical type Screw Flat 30mm 1⇔2 position: 40±20
2⇔18 position: 20±10
18 1⇔2 position: 25°
2⇔18 position: 180°
10kΩ 1B  
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