Master Type (K Fader) RS**K Series

Slide Potentiometer

Minimum lever wobble and high precision characteristics combined with good operational feel.

 Professional audio
 Professional audio
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Product Line
Part number Number of resistor elements Direction of lever Travel Type Lever type Length of lever Total resistance Resistance taper 3D CAD
RS60K11A9010 Single-unit Vertical 60mm Standard type 9-T (T-Bar) 8.2mm 10kΩ 15A  
RSA0K11A901L Single-unit Vertical 100mm Standard type 9-T (T-Bar) 8.2mm 10kΩ 15A  
RSA0K12A1013 Dual-unit Vertical 100mm Standard type 1 12mm 10kΩ 15A  
RS60K11K9A13 Single-unit Vertical 60mm CP type 9-T (T-Bar) 8.2mm 10kΩ 15A  
RSA0K11K9A16 Single-unit Vertical 100mm CP type 9-T (T-Bar) 8.2mm 10kΩ 15A  
RSA0K12K9A14 Dual-unit Vertical 100mm CP type 9-T (T-Bar) 8.2mm 10kΩ 15A  
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  4. "L" in the "Lever Wobble" column of the above table indicates the length of lever.