7.8mm Square Type (Radial) SKPD Series

Radial Type TACT Switch(TM)

Varieties of 1.0mm, 1.2mm or 1.75mm-travel to support a wide range of applications.

 Car AV equipment
 Car AV equipment
  •  Car AV equipment
  •  Automobile
Product Line
Part number Type Operating force Operating direction Travel Operating life
(5mA 5V DC)
Initial contact resistance Rubber color Height 3D CAD
SKPDALD010 Radial 0.78N Top push 1mm 500,000 cycles 1kΩ max. Light gray h=5mm  
SKPDAMD010 Radial 1.18N Top push 1mm 500,000 cycles 1kΩ max. Light blue h=5mm  
SKPDACD010 Radial 2.45N Top push 1.2mm 100,000 cycles 1kΩ max. Blue h=5.5mm  
SKPDAFD010 Radial 2.94N Top push 1.75mm 100,000 cycles 1kΩ max. Gray h=6.1mm  
Notes are common to this series/models.
  1. This site catalog shows only outline specifications. When using the products, please obtain formal specifications for supply.
  2. Please use 1.6mm thick PC boards.
  3. Please place purchase orders for taping products per minimum order unit (1 box or a case).
  4. This products can be used in vehicles.
    Although these products are designed to perform over a wide operating temperature range, please ensure that you receive and read the formal delivery specifications before use.