Supporting a wide range of control and detection needs through creation of new sensing ability.


Product line-up can be freely combined to accommodate all kinds of applications.

Multi Control Devices

Suitable for a diverse range of equipment with comfortable multidirection operation and superior space-saving.

Aspherical Glass Lens

Lenses for backbone optical communications and lenses for visible light.


Wide variety of exterior designs and compatibility with large-diameter lenses.


Contributing to set design flexibility with compact and lightweight mechanisms.


Diverse variety of encoders to choose from based on operability and user-friendliness.


Adding unique features in pursuit of superior mounting, reliability and operability.

Power Inductors

Low loss and low heat-generating properties improve equipment power efficiency.

Current Sensors

Fusion of materials, magnetic control, precision processing and other original technologies.

Touch Input Devices

Exploring new input methods for comfortable, reliable and flexible links between people and devices.