Alps by Numbers

10-9のデバイス開発 5つの経営姿勢 海外売上高比率71%



Alps Electric possesses nanotechnology, enabling us to control matter on an atomic or molecular scale, in other words, allowing us to develop and manufacture devices using technology to the one billionth (10-9) of a meter, for example, transfer technology to the micron order; MEMS technology that enables micro-shaping; and thin-film processing that controls material on a molecular level. Alps Electric manufactures products using this cutting edge technology in its commitment to facilitating comfortable lifestyles for all people.

A 3-axis geomagnetic sensor for electronic compasses that uses geomagnetism to detect direction.
Many of today’s mobile phones and smartphones contain navigation applications or applications used to display information on a user’s location. Geomagnetic sensors are essential for locating a user’s current position. Measuring only 2.5mm x 2.5mm, which is smaller than a grain of rice, this electronic component enables reliable direction sensing, supporting user-friendly communication and relationships between people and media.

A touch panel display enabling input using screen touch.
Alps Electric provides thin, light and unbreakable film-based plastic tablets.

Technological Fields

The products that Alps has developed so far clearly state its technological distinction.
These products include many that have been firsts for the industry and even firsts for the world. Alps Electric obtains early information on market needs and trends, and then exhibits its technological expertise to full capacity. By fusing market needs with Alps’ seeds of technology, we create and provide new “value” that contributes to the further development of the electronics industry.

 Alps Electric’s Technological Fields
Fields of Business

Even though you may not know much about Alps Electric itself, you are actually using Alps’ products everyday when you operate the many electronic goods you may have. Our products are found in cars, home appliances, mobile devices and a huge range of other electronic equipment.

 Alps Electric’s Fields of Business

5 Statements in the Alps Business Approach


We will constantly pursue new value creation.

Harmony with

We will seek harmony with the Earth's environment.

    with Customers

We will learn from customers and respond quickly to their needs.


We will act fairly and from a global perspective.

Respect for
    the Individual

We will draw upon the unique enthusiasm of every employee.

Alps Philosophy

The Alps Philosophy, “Alps creates new value that satisfies stakeholders and is friendly to the Earth,” embraces a universal concept which forms the very essence of the company’s conduct. Alps Electric is devoted to its manufacturing roots, monozukuri (the creation of products with an emphasis on the spirit of manufacturing), so that it can offer solutions to fulfill customer needs, satisfy stakeholder expectations and pursue mankind’s coexistence with the natural environment.

 Alps Philosophy

81% of Alps’ Net Sales Come From Products Made at Overseas Bases

The Alps Electric Group spans the globe where 81% of its net sales (for the term ending March 2016) are from products manufactured at its non-Japan locations. The Group’s global network comprises more than 70 development, production and sales bases located in Japan, America, Europe, China and other countries in Asia.
Each Alps’ location is committed to forming trusting relationships with its local community and contributing to local industry development.


Alps Electric develops and fosters human resources on a global level by having many of its Japanese employees work at overseas locations and implementing a program that also brings overseas subsidiary employees to Japan for a number of years for work experience as well.
These initiatives are based on “respect for the individual” from the Alps Business Approach and are dedicated to encouraging self development, promoting respect for individuality and creating a company of elite professionals. Alps aims to share and develop its values and mindset across its global locations therefore achieving real globalization inexpressible in numerical value.

Global Network

Alps Electric’s global network has Japan as its center and webs across America, Europe, China and other areas of Asia, where it performs design, development, materials procurement, production, sales and other business activity while forming partnerships with its customers. Each Alps’ location is committed to forming trusting relationships with its local community and contributing to local industry development.