Overview of Business Operations

Business Area

Alps Company (former Alps Electric) assists and enriches lifestyles by perfecting the art of electronics in its products

Provision of custom products and modules, including control panels and steering modules, for specific vehicle models, as well as components compatible with any vehicle.
Home & Mobile
Provision of switches, potentiometers, sensors, and other components through to multi-input devices like touch panels and GlidePointâ„¢ to home, mobile and PC markets.
Light, temperature, humidity and various other types of sensor for accurate detection of environmental changes to assist health maintenance, for example by helping to prevent heat disorders; and switches, card connectors and other components achieving excellent size efficiency to support the evolution of healthcare equipment.
Environment & Energy
Serving the growing environment and energy markets with current sensors enabling power usage visualization and sensors for measuring parameters such as temperature, illuminance and CO2 levels in indoor and outdoor environments. These can be combined with communication modules essential for xEMS to build smart networks.