Environmental Preservation


 The Alps Electric Group carries out biodiversity-related initiatives through both its business activities and social contribution.

Initiatives Through Business Activities

 The Alps Electric Group has developed an IoT-compatible sensor module combining compact, low-power, low-voltage sensors with a communication module. The sensor module is able to capture temperature, humidity, air pressure, ambient light and other data from the surrounding environment and has a feature for transmitting captured data using wireless communication.

It is hoped the technology will contribute to biodiversity protection as it could potentially lead to more effective application of agrichemicals and fertilizers in rice paddies and on arable land.



Social Contribution Activities

 The Alps Electric Group continues to support “Morino Chonai-Kai” (Forest Neighborhood Association) activities contributing to the development of healthy forests through the promotion of forest thinning and effective utilization of thinnings run by environmental NPO Office Chonai-kai and to provide assistance to a campaign to regenerate forest destroyed as a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami in 2011 along the coastline of Natori, Miyagi Prefecture.


Biological Surveys

Biological survey report

Biological survey report

 We carry out biological surveys in the vicinity of business sites to obtain basic information about the kinds of living things existing there. In fiscal 2016, a biological survey was implemented in the vicinity of Alps Headquarters in Yukigaya-Otsuka, Ota Ward, Tokyo. It is a quiet residential area with a lot of greenery as parks, shrines and schools of varying size are located nearby.
 The survey found that greenery on Alps Headquarters premises is visited by birds including bulbuls, starlings, white-eyes and white wagtails, and is home to insects such as Asian ladybeetles and small copper butterflies.


Education for the Next Generation

Education for the Next Generation

Education for the Next Generation

 Environmental education is offered to families of group company employees. Programs involve actual park visits to look for geckos and other living things and to hear about plants from guides, giving children, who represent the future, an opportunity to learn the importance of preserving the environment while having a good time.