Environmental Preservation

Earth-Friendly Product Design

Enabling Provision of Safe, Environmentally Friendly Products

 Countries worldwide have introduced restrictions on chemical substance content in products in recent years, and they are being strengthened. In such an environment, corporations need to be able to promptly communicate information relating to chemical substance content.
 The Alps Electric Group has formulated a set of Green Procurement Standards and adheres to the standards when purchasing materials in order to eliminate the use of hazardous substances from all processes—from materials and parts procurement to assembly and shipping—and to ensure that products do not contain hazardous substances.
 We also conduct “environmental corporate evaluations” of materials suppliers whereby we assess their environmental efforts. The Alps Electric Group prioritizes business with suppliers operating with sufficient consideration toward environmental protection.

Product Assessments During Development

 The Alps Electric Group implements product assessments to evaluate the environmental impact of products during the development and design stage, thereby contributing to the development of many environmentally friendly products. For example, product assessments are geared toward finding designs that support biodiversity conservation because they are smaller, thinner and lighter and therefore use fewer resources; promoting green procurement of materials; and reducing environmental impact by providing products that are easy to dismantle or break down. We also address global warming by reducing power consumption during manufacturing and improving the efficiency of processes.