Environmental Preservation

Effective Use of Resources

Reducing Waste

 Wanting to make effective use of resources, the Alps Group implements waste reduction activities as one element of the 8th Medium-Term Action Plan for Environmental Preservation. The target of these activities is to achieve an average 1% reduction of waste emissions per unit of sales each year to fiscal 2018 from base year fiscal 2015.
 And since fiscal 2001, Alps Electric has implemented a “zero-emissions”* campaign aimed at recycling all waste from offices and production plants. This target was successfully achieved by the end of fiscal 2004 at all divisions in Japan.

(*1) Zero-emissions: A recycling-oriented social system involving elimination of all kinds of waste by effectively recycling them into raw materials and other useful purposes; advocated by the United Nations University in 1994.

Total Waste Emissions(Coverage: Electronic components segment)

*1 Total waste emissions: The total amount of emissions from the company of unrequired waste and sold items
*2 Waste emissions per unit: Total waste emissions divided by the value of production (Japan and overseas)

Recycling Rate(%) (Coverage: Alps Electric Co., Ltd. )

*Recycling rate: The volume of waste recycled as a percentage of total waste emissions

Reducing Water Use

 The Alps Electric Group objectively evaluates the impact of water-related risks using tools introduced from outside and has commenced an examination of water usage at production facilities. Some facilities have been asked by local government to save water due to a shortage of water resources in the region and we will be exploring the options for action even at facilities where there haven't been any major problems so far.

Reducing Water Use