Fair Management


Risk Management

Approach to Risk Management


 Risks are diversifying due to business globalization and technology advancements and it is vital that we take steps to avert foreseeable risks, anticipate and avoid dangers and losses which could potentially occur, or minimize the damage caused. And given recent debate about the value that corporations bring to society, we need to strengthen management and operational foundations that support legal compliance and appropriateness of management and the execution of business affairs. It is also essential that, even in times of economic stagnation and low growth, we carry out growth-oriented management with risks thoroughly managed.
 The Alps Electric Group views risk management as the basis for a style of management and business operations that enables sustained business growth and enhanced corporate value over the mid to long term; in other words, a foundation for growth-oriented management.

Risk Maps

 In the Alps Electric Group, under the jurisdiction of the director in charge of administration, corporate departments—including corporate planning, legal affairs, human resources, general affairs, accounting, export and import administration, and compliance—and operating departments—such as engineering, production, quality and sales—deliberate on functions and roles relating to risk management and establish risk management structures based on crisis management regulations and in accordance with the 8th Mid-Term Business Plan.
 One measure entails the preparation of risk maps for the purpose of visualizing risks affecting the Group. Risks are categorized and evaluated from the perspectives of potential impact, potential for eventuation and status of risk management measure implementation. Risks are then mapped according to the evaluation results and risk management activities are deployed based on those risk maps.


Crisis Management

 Damage inflicted by earthquakes, heavy rain or other natural events, and accidents, like fires, have a major impact on not only the operations and management of a company, but also its supply chain. The Alps Electric Group is advancing initiatives to realize a quick recovery and minimization of damage in times of such crises.

Crisis Management

・We will place top priority on ensuring the safety of employees, all people on company
 premises (including visitors, related company employees, on-site subcontractors
 and temp staff) and families of employees.
・We will continue business activities as long as we can, and do everything we can
 to maintain the supply of products and provision of services to customers.
・We will endeavor to preserve both tangible and intangible company assets
 and make efforts to minimize damage using the most suitable methods.
・We will demonstrate responsible conduct, take quick and appropriate action,
 and strive to restore operations when risks do eventuate in order to earn the trust
 of customers, shareholders and all other stakeholders.

Crisis Management Regulations and Manuals

 Alps Electric identifies risks that need to be managed in a set of crisis management regulations and maintains crisis management manuals depending on the significance of the risk, updating them as required. And at bases both in Japan and overseas, individual crisis management manuals are being established based on the companywide manuals.

Comprehensive Emergency Drills

 Each facility within the Alps Electric Group holds regular comprehensive emergency drills to ensure disaster preparedness. For the drills, we secure optimal evacuation routes for employees, confirm flows and carry out firefighting and other exercises while liaising with the local fire department and other community functions. At the same time, we work to heighten awareness about disaster prevention.

Satellite Phones

 Facilities in Japan are always equipped with satellite phones as a means of communicating between facilities in the event of disruption to infrastructure (e.g. phone lines down, Internet service suspended due to blackouts) in times of emergency.

Safety Confirmation System

 Domestic affiliated companies Alps Business Creation Co., Ltd., Alps Finance Service Corp., Alps Travel Service Co., Ltd. and Alps System Integration Co., Ltd. are included in Alps Electric’s safety confirmation system for Alps Headquarters, enabling an integrated system for confirming the safety of personnel. Drills are regularly carried out. Alps Group companies Alpine Electronics and Alps Logistics each employ similar systems of their own, ensuring safety confirmation frameworks are in place for group companies in Japan.