Alps Business Approach

Alps Electric engages in CSR activity in line with the five statements of its Business Approach.


We will constantly pursue new value creation.

Harmony with

We will seek harmony with the Earth's environment.

    with Customers

We will learn from customers and respond quickly to their needs.


We will act fairly and from a global perspective.

Respect for
    the Individual

We will draw upon the unique enthusiasm of every employee.

Alps Electric considers CSR as business itself. Ever since our founding many years ago we have based business decisions on “societal contribution” and “building trust,” which are expressions taken from our original founding precepts. Then in our 50th year after establishment, we defined our corporate philosophy as “Alps creates new value that satisfies stakeholders and is friendly to the Earth,” and forged our Business Approach with five statements acting to realize this philosophy. By observing this Business Approach and integrating our social responsibilities with business activity, we are able to fulfill stakeholder expectations and pursue mankind’s coexistence with the natural environment.