Corporate Vision

Alps Precepts (Founding Spirit)

From where it all began. the origins of the Alps Group

The ALPS Precepts – Alps Electric's business spirit – were established on our 10th anniversary of the company foundation.
They state how monozukuri ought to be, social responsibilities, and our hopes for our employees through which the Alps Group promotes its corporate activities.

Alps Precepts


Friendship & Substance

We shall treat friendship as foremost and respect simple and sturdy character.


Societal Contribution

We shall create top-quality products, always remembering to contribute to society.


Respect for Creativity

We shall value creativity while committing to technology cultivation and job perfection.


Confidence Building

We shall maintain a strong sense of responsibility to fulfill our duties and gain trust.


Health and Family

We shall fully apply ourselves to our jobs while taking good care of our health in order to build solid homes.