Alps Alpine Philosophy

私たちの原点 アルプスグループの原点となる社訓を考え方をご紹介

Alps Alpine creates new values that satisfy stakeholders and are friendly to the Earth.

Alps Alpine Business Domain

Perfecting the Art of Electronics. - User-friendly communication and relationships between people and media. -

Alps Alpine Business Approach


We will constantly pursue new value creation.

Harmony with

We will seek harmony with the Earth's environment.

    with Customers

We will learn from customers and respond quickly to their needs.


We will act fairly and from a global perspective.

Respect for
    the Individual

We will draw upon the unique enthusiasm of every employee.

Alps Alpine Action Guidelines

  1. 1    Alps Alpine people will realize new values through flexible thinking and bold
  2. 2    Alps Alpine people will preserve the natural environment and treat precious
          resources with great care.
  3. 3    Alps Alpine people will meet customers' expectations by making decisions quickly
          and implementing them speedily.
  4. 4    Alps Alpine people will act fairly, working to adhere to world rules and to
          understand different cultures.
  5. 5    Alps Alpine people will function as teams of professionals seeking to refine
          their specialist skills.