Relations with Employees


 The Alps Electric Group hires diverse human resources, regardless of nationality, gender or age. Our aim is to create work environments where people possessing diverse sets of values can work with vitality, applying their capabilities to the full.

Work Environments Where Employees Can Fully Apply Their Capabilities

Promoting Diversity and Global Human Resources Management with Global HR Policy

 We are working toward global human resources management by the consolidated Alps Group as a whole based on a common global human resources policy shared by each of the Alps Electric, Alpine and Alps Logistics Groups. As global business expands, we are advancing establishment of a human resources management structure based on a global standard, which includes networking and movements of personnel between overseas affiliates and implementation of CSR procurement.

Three principles of the Global HR Policy

Promoting Greater Involvement of Women

 Having long viewed expanding involvement of female employees as an important challenge, the Alps Electric Group provides equal opportunities for men and women, for example in overseas assignments and trainee programs.
 In new-graduate recruitment, Alps Electric actively hires women, even in engineering positions. We also seek to bring about a change in mentality among managers and even women themselves, for example by establishing the right working environments through enhancement of programs that support balance between work and childcare or nursing care, and by implementing education and training. As a result of these efforts, more female employees are achieving work-life balance and playing an active role even after they marry—the average length of service among women is more than 20 years, and more than 60% of women are married.

Percentage of Female in all official staff(Alps Electric):23.1%(As of 1st Apr, 2017)
( Number of Male 4571, Number of Female 1375, Total number 5946 )

Percentage of Female in the number of new recruit (Alps Electric)
 Number of new recruits, MaleNumber of new recruits, FemalePercentage of Female
New graduate57105484845.7%31.4%

*Number of mid-career new recruits is as of 20th Feb, 2018

Average years employed by gender (Alps Electric)
Male20 years and 9 months20 years and 6 months
Female21 years and 5 months20 years and 6 months
Total20 years and 11 months20 years and 6 months

Percentage of Managers Who Are Women (Alps Electric)
Male managers Number376363370
Female managers Number468
Female managers Percentage1.1%1.6%2.1%
※As of April 1 each year

Employing People with Disabilities

Employment of People with Disabilities (Alps Electric)

 Alps Electric is working to establish environments where all employees, with or without disabilities, can work with vitality, applying their capabilities to the full. We have maintained a disabled persons employment ratio above the statutory rate continuously since 2012.

Employing Foreign Personnel—International Associates Program (IAP)

 The International Associates Program (IAP) recruits new graduates from overseas and employs them on two-year contracts at Alps Headquarters in Japan. Employing around five people annually for over 20 years, the program has had nearly 100 participants to date from countries in Europe, North America and Asia. After completion of the program, many participants stay on to work for the Alps Electric Group, including one employee who is still with us after more than 20 years.
 In addition, foreign exchange students now account for around 10% of new-graduate hires in Japan. They engage in wide-ranging jobs, for example in design and development, manufacturing, sales and accounting.