Relations with Employees

Human Resources Development

 Our approach to human resources is “believing in people.”
Alps Electric proactively supports the self-actualization of employees who are eager to take on new challenges and grow and encourages employees to step up of their own accord to have a go at higher-level jobs as part of their ongoing development into creative, independent-minded professionals.

Human Resources Development Initiatives

Human Resources Development Policy

 We assist employees with career design for the medium term to make sure their jobs will help them grow and we also pursue comprehensive, balanced development of human resources over the long term with evaluation, placement and skills development tied in together.
 Employees are more likely to actualize their full capabilities and perceive their own development by engaging in work with many different people, learning from one another and sharing accomplishments. And to support ongoing growth ambitions, we provide opportunities according to the stage of the employee's development, including education and training for acquiring skills and knowledge, and assistance for self-initiated development.
 Alps Electric is nurturing professionals through a comprehensive program of both practical application (work) and theory (skills development measures).

Human Resources Development Structure

Human Resources Development Structure

 Training and systems tie in with one another.
 Level-specific training:
 Duties and expected behavior according to level, from new employee to director
 Task-specific training:
 Basic skills, logical thinking skills, communication skills and basic business knowledge
 required for job performance
 Function-specific training:
 Special knowledge and skills for performing as professionals in a specific department

HR Development with Performance Reviews and Interviews

 Alps Electric carries out employee performance reviews twice a year. Interviews with supervisors are organized for around the same time.
 Performance reviews involve an evaluation of employees according to their abilities, dedication and achievements, and reporting of the results of evaluations to employees as feedback in interviews. In addition, employee strengths and areas needing improvement are conveyed with supervisors and employees aligning their expectations and targets for development, and job themes for the term and methods of pursuing them are discussed and shared in interviews. We facilitate the growth of all employees through their jobs.

Career Development Support

 A self-assessment system is used whereby employees review work and other aspects experienced to date, think about their future job direction and a career plan, and share with supervisors their job ambitions.
 Each year, employees routinely consider, and share with supervisors, their career design for the medium term. The actualization of employees’ capabilities is supported, for example through training, rotation and their day-to-day work.
 Additionally, career management seminars corresponding to different age groups are regularly organized as an aid for employees in revising and developing career plans.

Developing Human Resources with Broad Capabilities Through Development-Oriented Rotation

 Alps Electric pursues development-oriented rotation as a method of developing human resources through their jobs. The aim is to have employees, young employees in particular, gain experience in a number of different jobs and departments as a way to expand their range of duties and to nurture broad vision, a heightened perspective and flexible sensitivities.
 Another objective is to have employees expand their networks with people inside and outside the company and apply the perspectives, knowledge and expertise they acquire working in different jobs in later positions.

Overseas Trainee Program—Developing Global Human Resources

 Alps Electric runs an overseas trainee program whereby young and mid-level employees are seconded to affiliates or non-affiliated organizations overseas for one year to learn through work and practical training. The aim of the program is to have employees experience doing business and living overseas and thereby develop “global human resources” possessing an international perspective and vitality with awareness of cultures and customs and language proficiency.

Alps Japan Trainee Program—Nurturing Future Overseas Affiliate Executives

 As one element of our global strategy for human resources development, we run the Alps Japan Trainee Program, which aims to nurture future executives of overseas affiliates.
 Through a one-year period gaining experience doing business in Japan, manager- and senior manager-class trainees from overseas affiliates learn about the running of operations and our corporate culture. As future overseas affiliate executives, it is hoped they will serve as a bridge between Japan and overseas.

Overseas Trainee Program—Developing Global Human Resources