Relations with Employees

Occupational Safety

 Creation of workplaces where employees can work in safety, in good health and dynamically. We view this as another source of corporate value.


Creation of Safe, Healthy Workplaces

Basic Policy

*Alps Electric tabulates work-related accidents and illness for each year from August to the following July.

 The Alps Electric Group endeavors to maintain and improve programs and workplaces so that all employees can work in safety and in good physical and mental health.

Occupational Safety Policy


Lifestyle Improvement Activities at Facilities in Japan

 Even though the average life span is increasing, the prevalence of lifestyle diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes, has risen in recent years and is now a major issue for society. Lifestyle diseases are closely linked to the way we lead our daily lives and the development of a healthy lifestyle, by acquiring exercise habits and improving our diet, is vital to maintenance and promotion of good health.
 At locations in Japan, we have implemented and will continue activities to help improve the lifestyles of employees and thereby prevent the onset of lifestyle diseases.

Walk Rallies Using Physical Activity Monitors

 Alps Electric held walk rallies using physical activity monitors at all bases in Japan to encourage employees to develop and maintain good exercise habits. Ways were devised to keep participants motivated. For example, participants could compete against each other on step counts and exercise lessons were held at individual bases.

Health-Conscious Cafeteria Menus (Kenko Shokudo)

 Alps Electric’s cafeterias innovate with menus to assist the health maintenance of individuals through awareness of salt and calorie intake from regular meals. At Alps Headquarters, measures include provision of “Kenko Shokudo” health- conscious meals of 800 kilocalories or less, smaller rice bowls, and provision of side dishes containing nutrients that employees might particularly lack.

Global Health & Safety Efforts

Emergency drills in progress at overseas affiliates

Emergency drills in progress at overseas affiliates

Emergency drills in progress at
overseas affiliates

 Health and safety initiatives are advanced by both Japanese and overseas bases of the Alps Electric Group. They include efforts to raise awareness about safety, ensuring compliance with work procedures, and promoting the maintenance of tidy and ordered workplaces, for example through training programs. In regard to health, we promote health maintenance and improvement, hold routine health checks, and encourage hand-washing and mouth-rinsing.
 Emergency drills are also held to prepare employees for protecting themselves in the event of a sudden accident or natural disaster.