Relations with Employees

Labor-Management Relations

Labor and Management Developing Better Workplaces Together

Employee Systems

 Alps Electric has introduced a number of systems to enable utilization of diverse human resources, lift motivation and establish good workplaces where employees can fully apply their skills. They include allowing taking of paid leave in hourly units, easing of restrictions on holding more than one job, application of the reduced working hours program and allowing work from home under certain conditions.

Preventing Harassment

 To prevent harassment and abuse in the workplace, Alps Electric annually conducts training for all employees aimed at creating ethical workplaces.

Labor-Management Relations

 At Alps Electric, labor and management aim to grow together in harmony, engaging with one another in good faith to resolve all issues through comprehensive discussions based on mutual trust and understanding between the company and organizations representing employees.
 In fiscal 2017, labor and management have together identified themes to address centering on work style reforms and are striving to develop even better workplaces through labor-management meetings and discussions.