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Wilfried Baumann

ALPS not only takes its name from the European Alps, but also firmly established its roots in the European region early on in its corporate history. Today ALPS has 3 manufacturing locations based in Germany, Ireland and the Czech Republic and 6 sales offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, France and Italy. Together they form a comprehensive and effective network for servicing our customers in a wide range of markets including automotive, consumer electronics, home appliances, mobile devices, healthcare, energy and industrial machinery. We build close partnerships with our customers—to develop innovative custom products and to provide the best electronic components at all times.
Our products may not always be directly visible to their users, but they play vital roles in many items used by people every day. Our focus is on 3 key areas: Human Machine Interface (HMI), Sensoring™ and Connectivity/Communication. In today’s highly connected world and era of IoT, sensor and connectivity technologies will be increasingly used for Machine to Machine communication. Combining these core technologies and advancing the integration of electronics and networks, we are able to offer smart and innovative solutions that enhance safety, comfort and sustainability in today’s connected society.
Focusing our research and development on these 3 technology areas, we have managed to create a wide range of new, solution-based products for our core markets. We serve the smartphone market with a diverse product lineup centered on the HMI domain and constantly develop novel proposals for the wearable devices and healthcare market, as well as driving the evolution of resource- and power-efficient communication modules and sensors for smart networks in the energy-related domain. For the automotive market, we focus on development of custom modules with a high added value in the HMI and connectivity (communication) fields whereby we can draw on our experience acquired for HMI development for consumer devices. We also have the ability to put forward integrated solutions through joint module development with our sister company Alpine, who specialize in in-car multimedia solutions.
Our unique monozukuri style based on fresh ideas and fusing the latest technologies with proprietary technologies built up over the years, allows us to stay attuned to the market and respond quickly to its diverse needs. Encompassing all aspects of product creation, this monozukuri approach is summed up in our corporate motto, “perfecting the art of electronics.”

European Business Interview

Evolving into a T-shaped company

It is one of the largest, independent manufacturers of electromechanical components world-wide, and has just merged with another global player specialized in automotive infotainment.
Alps Electric is creating an integrated group with Alpine Electronics dedicated to enriching people’s lives through advanced electronics and communication solutions. The company’s Eu-ropean head office, ALPS ELECTRIC EUROPE GmbH, is based near Munich and forms an inte-gral part in transforming the Group into a T-shaped company that combines the technological depth of one partner with the competence breadth of the other.

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