V2X Communication ModuleAlps Electric was among the first in the industry to develop a vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) communication module supporting specifications not only in Japan, but also in Europe, North America and elsewhere overseas. Helping to prevent accidents through the exchange of all kinds of information, including vehicle and pedestrian positioning data, this technology continues to gain attention as a new form of road safety system.

Bluetooth® Module Resin-Sealed Type with AntennaA communication module developed for mobile, wearable and IoT applications. Its mounting area, including the antenna, was made compact by locating the antenna on the top of the main section. The product can also be combined with our diverse lineup of sensors to enable transmission of a wide range of information to cloud environments.

Aspherical Lens for Optical Communication An optical communication lens indispensable for the ever more sophisticated infrastructure of an information society. Pressed lens characteristics are used to achieve stability of optical parameters such as aberration and focal position. Alps Electric harnessed its precision processing expertise to create a compact product, thereby contributing to the development of large-capacity communication networks.

Alps Electric continues to refine its connectivity technologies as we look ahead to a mobility society where those who drive and those who don't feel truly safe and secure.
Our V2X, wireless LAN, LTE and other data communication modules make safety more certain by connecting vehicles to other vehicles, to pedestrians and to road infrastructure.
Compact, high-quality optical communication lenses will help prop up a data-oriented society demanding ever faster speeds and higher capacity.