Liqualloy™ Chip Type Power InductorA power inductor utilizing Liqualloy™, an original soft magnetic material that minimizes loss during power conversion. Achieving a core loss reduction of around 70% compared to conventional products, it exhibits excellent performance especially in power circuits with high ripple current ratios, as used in display power supplies for example. The product is indispensable for reducing the energy consumption of a wide range of increasingly sophisticated electronic equipment.

Clamp Type Multi-Functional Current Sensor for Power Distribution NetworkThis current sensor measures not only current, but also the direction of flow and voltage. Its coreless structure means it weighs only around one tenth that of conventional products and the clamp design enables easy retrofitting to existing infrastructure. …and the clamp design enables easy retrofitting to existing infrastructure, aiding development of smart grids for power distribution, for example.

PC Board Mount Current SensorA compact, lightweight PC board mount current sensor. Its original design enables high sensitivity and excellent resistance to outside noise, allowing integration into a wide range of devices. Achieving much lower resistance than existing products of competitors, the sensor reduces power loss caused by conductor heat generation, therefore supporting visualization of power usage for energy management systems.

Closely tied to our lives on this planet, electronic components are as concerned about the environment as we are.
By making components themselves lighter and more energy-efficient, and by creating products, like current sensors, that assist in energy management, Alps Electric is contributing to energy savings and visualization in a number of domains including smartphones, PCs, automobiles and power distribution lines.
In this way, we are helping to pave the way for a low-carbon society.