HAPTIC™ Trigger A device that detects button position with a sensor and communicates kinesthetic feedback by using actuator control to generate a reaction force. Application to augmented and virtual reality controllers, for example, enables the recreation of sensations according to the controls and scenarios of the software. This makes way for potential implementation in not only entertainment applications, but also such areas as remote nursing care or work.

HAPTIC™ ReactorA compact vibrating device that enables diverse kinds of feedback using vibrations spanning a broad frequency range. And by combining low-frequency and high-frequency vibrations, it is possible to produce a number of different sensations. A wide variety of scenes, involving music or sport for example, can be recreated with realistic expression via game or TV controllers.

Haptic Commander™Haptic™ is the application of force feedback technology to reproduce pseudo sensations of touch. In 2002, Alps Electric announced the HAPTIC COMMANDER™, an in-vehicle control device for automobiles. Since then we have continued development of a wide range of products and the technology is now indispensable to augmented and virtual reality applications.

People receive a lot of information not only from what they see and hear, but also through their sense of touch.
Our HAPTIC™ products recreate a wide range of realistic touch sensations, from texture, hardness and temperature through to elements of an object's condition, and will be closely watched as human-machine interfaces of the future.
Realizing new forms of convenience and emotion via our fingertips or the palms of our hands, they will enrich the connection between humans and devices.