TACT Switch™Alps Electric is well-known for its TACT Switch™ line of products. Available in diverse variations of touch sensations, these compact switches deliver a superior click feel. Each feels different to push according to the usage scenario in applications such as smartphones, home appliances and automobiles to realize reliable, comfortable input.

Multi Control DevicesCompact, thin multi control devices equipped with control sticks that can be tilted in any direction. Tiltable devices that follow the movement of your fingers enable more intuitive control and create a greater sense of comfort when used as controllers for home electronics, computers and many other devices.

Haptic Commander™Haptic™ is the application of force feedback technology to reproduce pseudo sensations of touch. In 2002, Alps Electric announced the HAPTIC COMMANDER™, an in-vehicle control device for automobiles. Since then we have continued development of a wide range of products and the technology is now indispensable to augmented and virtual reality applications.

Touch panels on smartphones, computer keys, and an array of different switches found in automobiles and home electronics…
Residing within Alps Electric's diverse range of human-machine interfaces are advanced technologies that the company has refined over the years since its founding and a keen consideration for users.
Smaller, lighter, simpler...What do they feel like? Are they stress-free to use?
Without compromising in any way on size, performance or sensory experience, Alps Electric forms the links between people and devices."