Sensor Network ModuleThis module measures geomagnetism (6 axes), temperature, humidity, air pressure and ambient light and sends the information using integrated Bluetooth® Smart technology, all in a single package.The PC board is small enough to embed in a ring or pair of glasses. This means it can fit inside all kinds of household goods and systems, making measurement of conditions in the surrounding environment easy.

Force SensorThis high-precision sensor can detect stress as low as 0.01N and can be used in a wide range of applications, including detection of subtle pressure on the tip of a stylus pen and robotic body control. Compact and very accurate, the sensor fits inside even small and narrow chassis, like the tip of a pen.

Digital Humidity SensorOriginal IC design technology was applied to downsize the circuit embedded in this surface mount type humidity sensor. Proprietary sensing film is used for the sensor part, ensuring superior sensing precision over a broad relative humidity range (0 to 100%). Installing the sensor inside major home appliances helps to reduce the energy consumption of those products.

Alps Electric's sensing devices accurately detect the smallest changes in parameters such as temperature and humidity, position, acceleration, light, electric current and magnetism.
And the use of these devices to perceive changes in a person's physical or psychological condition with the sensitivity of a mother looking out for her child is no longer confined to the imagination.
With applications in smartphones, automobiles, home appliances, healthcare, nursing, agriculture and infrastructure, our sensors watch out for people in their daily lives to bring them comfort and peace of mind.