Bluetooth® Module

Series Photo Applications Dimension Volume/weight Interface Features Automotive NETSHOP
UGXZE-3 <i>Bluetooth®</i> Module for Automotive Use (HCI Type) Bluetooth®
(HCI type)
20×13.8×2.8mm 0.8ml/1.3g UART -
UGZZ <i>Bluetooth®</i> Module for Automotive (All-in One Type) Bluetooth®
(All in one type)
25×20×2.8mm 1.4ml/2.54g UART -

<i>Bluetooth®</i> All in One Module for Automotive Use. Bluetooth®
(All in one type)
20×13.8×2.8mm 0.77ml/1.3g UART -
UGMZ2AA <i>Bluetooth®</i> Module with Built-in Antenna Type (Resin-Sealed Package) UGMZ2AA Series Bluetooth®
with Built-in Antenna
(Resin-Sealed Package)
(LGA 28pin)
0.044ml/0.08g UART/SPI/I2C FCC, CE, Japan
radio certification
UGMZ2A1 <i>Bluetooth®</i> Module (Resin-Sealed Package) UGMZ2A1 Series Bluetooth®
(Resin-Sealed Package)
(LGA 28pin)
0.021ml/0.05g UART/SPI/I2C -