With Switch Type (Vehicle-compatible)

Actuator length 17.5mm
Detent torque 5±3mN・m
Number of detent 30
Number of pulse 15
Operating direction Vertical
Operating force of switch 3N
Travel of push-on switch 0.5mm
Operating temperature range -40℃ to +85℃
Electrical performance Ratings 1mA 5V DC
Output signal Two phase A and B
Max./min. operating current(Resistive load) 10mA/1mA
Insulation resistance 100MΩ min. 250V DC
Voltage proof 300V AC for 1 minute or 360V AC for 1s
Mechanical performance Detent torque 5±3mN·m
Push-pull strength 100N
Durability Operating life 30,000 cycles
Push-on switch specifications Contact arrangement Single pole single throw (Push-on)
Travel 0.5±0.3mm
Operating force 3(+1.5, -1)N
Rating 1mA 5V DC (10mA 5V DC max. ratings)
Contact resistance (Initial performance/After lifetime) 100mΩ max./200mΩ max.
Operating life 30,000 times
Minimum order unit (pcs.) Japan 1,280
Export 2,560


Incremental Encoder

Mounting Hole Dimensions

Incremental Encoder
Viewed from mounting face.

Output Wave

Incremental Encoder

Sliding Noise

Incremental Encoder
V1=V2=2.5V max.
At R=5kΩ Chattering: 3ms max. Bounce: 2ms max.

Packing Specifications

Number of packages (pcs.) 1 case / Japan 1,280
1 case / export packing 2,560
Export package measurements (mm) 540×360×290

Soldering Conditions

Reference for Dip Soldering
PreheatingSoldering surfacetemperature100℃ max.
Heating time1 min. max.
Dip solderingSoldering temperature260±5℃
Soldering time3±1s
No. of solders2 time max.

Reference for Hand Soldering
Tip temperature350℃ max.
Soldering time3s max.
No. of solders1 time

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