Rotary Potentiometer

Series Photo Type Number of resistor elements Total resistance Resistance taper Automotive NETSHOP
RK097 9mm Size Metal Shaft Multi-ganged Type RK097 Series 9mm size metal shaft
multi-ganged type
Single-unit, Dual-unit 10/20/50/100kΩ 15A/1B/3B/15C
RK119 11mm Size Metal Shaft Reflow Type RK119 Series 11mm size metal shaft
reflow type
Single-unit 10kΩ 1B
RK203 20mm Size Metal Shaft Type RK203 Series 20mm size metal shaft type Single-unit 10kΩ 1B
RK12L115 12mm Size Insulated Shaft Snap-in Custom Type RK12L115 Series 12mm size
insulated shaft custom type
Single-unit 10kΩ 1B

Ring Type Potentiometer

Series Photo Type Size Number of positions Total resistance Automotive NETSHOP
RK39A 39mm Size LED Illuminated Type RK39A Series 39mm size
LED illuminated type
39mm size 15 5kΩ
RK45B/RK45C 45mm Size LED Illuminated Type RK45B/RK45C Series 45mm size
LED illuminated type
45mm size 8/17 5kΩ