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Power Switch

Series Photo Type Ratings Travel Circuit arrangement Remark  
SDKN 0.5A 125V AC Qualified Type SDKN Series Push 0.5A 125V AC
0.25A 250V AC
5mA 5V DC
(Total travel)
SPDT Low current rating  
SDKR Water-proof Type (with Built-in Detector Switches) SDKR Series Push 0.5A 250V AC
1A 125V AC
10mA 5V DC
1.5mm SPST Water-proof type
With signal circuit
SDDH Water-proof Switch Compatible with 10mA to 4.5A SDDH Series Push Rating (max.):
4.5A 12V DC
(lamp: 27W×2pcs.)
Rating (min.):
10mA 12V DC
(resistive load)
3.7mm SPST
(Normal close)
(IP68 rating)