Resistive Position Sensors

Series Photo Type Direction of lever Mounting method Linearity guarantee range Linearity Automotive NETSHOP
RDC40 Rotary Type RDC40 Series Rotary
Horizontal Connector 4680°
(13 rotations)
RDC50 Rotary Type RDC50 Series Rotary Vertical
320° ±2%
RDC90 Compact Long-life Rotary Type RDC90 Series Rotary Vertical Reflow (Long-life) 60°, 244° ±3%
RDC80 Rotary Type (360° Rotation) RDC80 Series Rotary
(360° rotation)
Vertical Reflow 330°(1 phase)
360°(2 phase)
RD6R1A Rotary Type RD6R1A Series Rotary Vertical Connector 310° ±2%(320°)
RDCC0 Magnetic Rotary Type RDCC0 Series Rotary type Vertical Connector 30° ±2%
RDC10 Linear Type RDC10 Series Linear Vertical Horizontal - ±0.5%
RD7 Linear Type (Exclusively Used to Detect the Angle of Vehicle Head Lights) RD7 Series Linear Vertical
Vertical/Horizontal - ±1%