Mounting method Connector type
Total resistance
Effective electrical angle 30°
Linearity guarantee range ±15°
Linearity ±2%
Operating life 10,000,000 cycles
Operating temperature range -0℃ to +50℃
Mechanical performance Rotational torque 5mN・m max.
Electrical performance Rated voltage 5V DC
Output voltage range 0.3 to 4.3V
Environmental test Cold -40℃ 240h
Dry heat 85℃ 240h
Damp heat 60℃, 90 to 95%RH 240h
Minimum order unit (pcs.) Japan 720
Export 720


Resistive Position Sensors


Resistive Position Sensors

Packing Specifications

Number of packages (pcs.) 1 case / Japan 720
1 case / export packing 720
Export package measurements (mm) 540×360×250

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