Slide Switch

Series Photo Operating direction Mount height Travel Rating (max.) Number of poles Automotive NETSHOP
SSAJ 0.7mm(H), 1.4mm-travel Surface Mount Type SSAJ Series Horizontal 0.7mm 1.4mm 10mA 5V DC 1-pole
SSAH 0.9(H)mm, 1.5mm-travel Surface Mount Type SSAH Series Horizontal 0.9mm 1.5mm 1mA 5V DC 1-pole
SSSS8 1.4(H)mm, 1.5/2.0mm-travel Surface Mount Type SSSS8 Series Vertical
1.4mm 1.5/2.0mm 0.3A 5V DC 1/2-poles
SSAL 1.2(H)mm, Single-side Recoil Type SSAL Series Horizontal 1.2mm 2.0mm 10mA 5V DC 1-pole
SSAG Recoil Type for Single-side and Both-sides SSAG Series Horizontal 1.15mm 1.5mm 10mA 5V DC 1-pole
SSSS7 2.0(H)mm, 2.0mm-travel Type SSSS7 Series Horizontal 2.0mm 2.0mm 0.3A 4V DC 1-pole
SSSS2 3.5(H)mm, 2.0mm-travel Type SSSS2 Series Vertical
3.5mm 2.0mm 0.3A 6V DC 1/2-poles
SSSS9 5.0(H)mm, 2.0mm-travel Type SSSS9 Series Vertical
5.0mm 2.0mm 0.1A 12V DC 1/2-poles
SSAC 1.5mm-travel, with External Knob Type SSAC Series Horizontal 5.2mm 1.5mm 1mA 5V DC 2-poles
SSSF 8.5(H)mm, 2.0mm-travel Type SSSF Series Vertical
8.5mm 2.0mm 0.1A 30V DC 1/2/4-poles
SSSU 8.5(H)mm, 3.0mm-travel Type SSSU Series Vertical
8.5mm 3.0mm 0.1A 30V DC 1/2/4-poles