Radial Type TACT Switch(TM)

Series Photo Operation feeling Mount type Dimensions (W×D×H) Features Automotive NETSHOP
SKRG 6.2mm Diameter Round Terminal Type (Radial) SKRG Series Sharp feeling Radial φ6.2×4.3/5/7/9.5mm Round terminal type
SKQK 6.6mm Square Type (Radial) SKQK Series Sharp feeling Radial □6.6×5/7/9.5mm -
SKRC 9.0mm Diameter Water-proof Type with Round Terminals (Radial) SKRC Series Sharp feeling Radial φ9×13mm Round terminal type
SKPL 6.45mm Diameter Low Contact Resistance Type with Round Terminal (Radial) SKPL Series Soft feeling Radial φ6.45×5mm Round terminal type
Low contact resistance
SKPD 7.8mm Square Type (Radial) SKPD Series Soft feeling Radial □7.8×5/5.5/6.1mm -