Side Push Half-mount Type with 1.6mm Height (Surface Mount) SKSL Series

Half-mount solution with height of 1.6mm above the PC board.

Surface Mount Type TACT Switch(TM)
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Product Line
Part number Type Operating force Operating direction Travel Operating life
(5mA 5V DC)
Initial contact resistance Stock 3D CAD
SKSLLAE010 Surface mount 1.6N Side push 0.15mm 600,000 cycles 500mΩ max.   -
SKSLLBE010 Surface mount 2.2N Side push 0.15mm 600,000 cycles 500mΩ max.   -
SKSLLCE010 Surface mount 3.5N Side push 0.15mm 100,000 cycles 500mΩ max.    
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