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Supporting a wide range of control and detection needs through creation of new sensing ability.


Product line-up can be freely combined to accommodate all kinds of applications.

Multi Control Devices

Suitable for a diverse range of equipment with comfortable multidirection operation and superior space-saving.

Aspherical Glass Lens

Lenses for backbone optical communications and lenses for visible light.


Application of various simulation techniques and precision processing technology .


Contributing to set design flexibility with compact and lightweight mechanisms.


Diverse variety of encoders to choose from based on operability and user-friendliness.


Adding unique features in pursuit of superior mounting, reliability and operability.

Power Inductors

Low loss and low heat-generating properties improve equipment power efficiency.

Current Sensors

Fusion of materials, magnetic control, precision processing and other original technologies.

Toroidal Coil

Suitable for high-frequency switching and high ripple currents.

Touch Input Devices

Exploring new input methods for comfortable, reliable and flexible links between people and devices.