3D CAD/RoHS Directives Support

Detector Switches23
Compact Two-way Operation Type SPVS Series
Low-profile Two-way Operation Type SPVN Series
Compact One-way Operation Type SPVE Series
One-way Operation Type SPPW8 Series
General-purpose Type SPPB Series
Two-way Detection Type SSCF Series
Water-proof Type SPVQ1 Series
Water-proof Type SPVQ3 Series
Water-proof Type SPVQ6 Series
Water-proof Type SPVQ7 Series
Water-proof Type SPVQ8 Series
Water-proof Type SPVQA Series
Slide Switches13
1.4(H)mm, 1.5/2.0mm-travel Surface Mount Type SSSS8 Series
Recoil Type for Single Side and Both Sides SSAG Series
3.5(H)mm, 2.0mm-travel Type SSSS2 Series
5.0(H)mm, 2.0mm-travel Type SSSS9 Series
8.5(H)mm, 2.0mm-travel Type SSSF Series
8.5(H)mm, 3.0mm-travel Type SSSU Series
Push Switches11
2.5mm-travel Horizontal Type SPPJ2 Series
2.0mm-travel Horizontal Type SPUJ Series
2.5mm-travel Large-sized Horizontal Type SPUN Series
Surface Mount Type SPEH Series
1.5mm-travel Vertical Type SPPH1 Series
1.5mm-travel Vertical Type SPEF Series
9mm Size Metal Shaft Type EC09E Series
11mm Size Metal Shaft Type EC11 Series
20mm Size Metal Shaft Type EC20A Series
12mm Size Insulated Shaft Type EC12 Series
5mm Size Hollow Shaft Type EC05E Series
10mm Size Hollow Shaft Type EC10E Series
21mm Size Ring Type EC21A/EC21C Series
28mm Size Ring Type EC28A/EC28C Series
35mm Size Ring Type EC35A Series
35mm Size ABC Switch Type EC35AH/EC35CH Series
Power Switches8
10A 250V AC Qualified Type SDDJE Series
16A 250V AC Qualified Type SDDJF Series
Rotary Type with Encoder SDKZ Series
Dual In-line Package Type Switches1
2 to 10 Circuits-designed Type SSGM Series
TACT Switch™ Sharp Feeling Snap-in Type7
6.0×3.5mm Compact Type (Snap-in) SKHL Series
6.0mm Square Type (Snap-in) SKHH Series
6.0mm Square Dust-proof Type SKHW Series
6.6mm Square Type (Snap-in) SKQJ Series
110mm Square Water-proof Type (Snap-in) SKQB Series
12mm Square Type (Snap-in) SKHC Series
TACT Switch™ Sharp Feeling Surface Mount Type29
6.0×3.5mm Compact Type (Surface Mount) SKQM Series
6.1×3.7mm Compact High-speed Mounting Type (Surface Mount) SKQY Series
6.2×6.3mm Type (Surface Mount) SKHU Series
1.25mm Height Low-profile Sidepush™ Type (Surface Mount) SKSC Series
Metal Shaft Potentiometers7
9mm Size Metal Shaft Snap-in Type RK09L Series
9mm Size Metal Shaft Multi-ganged Type RK097 Series
16mm Size Metal Shaft Type RK163 Series
20mm Size Metal Shaft Type RK203 Series
27mm Size Metal Shaft Type RK271 Series
16mm Size Motor-driven Type RK168 Series
Insulated Shaft Potentiometers5
9mm Size Insulated Shaft Snap-in Type RK09K/RK09D Series
11mm Size Insulated Shaft Snap-in Type RK11K Series
12mm Size Insulated Shaft Snap-in Type RK12L Series
14mm Size Insulated Shaft Snap-in Type RK14K Series
Knob Operating Type Potentiometers2
Knob Operating Type without Knob RK08H Series
Knob Operating Type with Knob RK10J/RK14J Series
Slide Potentiometers3
Standard Type (Super Slide™) RS**1 Series
Slim Slide™(Slim 4) RS**H Series
Multi Control Devices12
Stick Controller RKJXK/RKJXV Series